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Welcome to NJ & Exploration official website.

NJ & Exploration, Inc. is a private exploration company that began operations in early 2006. The head office is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

NJ & Exploration, Inc. offers a complete range of consulting services in the field of natural resources management using remote satellite reconnaissance and geoinformation technologies, conducting geophysical survey. Our multidisciplinary experienced team is composed of professionals with data integration expertise, geological and geophysical surveys experience in resources discoveries and management.

Apart from other consulting companies we do our projects from initial study up to the production stage. Our main focus today is Hydrocarbon Exploration in Quebec Province.

Hydrocarbon Exploration

Within the Hydrocarbon Exploration field, NJ processing technology focuses on multi-source geological, remotely sensed and geoscientific data integration and analysis. The resulting information supports the optimization of geophysical surveys planning, a privileged tool for targeting hydrocarbon reservoirs.

Mineral Potential Assessment

Within the Mineral Potential Assessment field, NJ & Exploration has developed innovative modeling methods of remotely sensed and geoscientific data in order to identify favorable areas for mineral exploration. Various approaches have been elaborated for different substances such as hydrocarbons, precious metals and etc.

Risk Control Management (RCM)

The exploration methods and techniques used by our company allow to apply RCM in the early stages of the exploration program. RCM will help to save time and money during the whole exploration work.

Environmental Impact

Due to its “passive” way of working (receiving mode only), small footprint the MT method and equipment is one of the most environmentally friendly geophysical survey used in exploration.

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