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We offer participation to explore and develop Portneuf oil and gas field, consisting from three blocks. Research and study conducted by the company has revealed the significant amount of prospective oil and gas reserves in place with shallow gas layers.


There is a well-developed infrastructure on the field (railroad, net of unpaved roads and highways leading to the fields; close proximity of major oil and gas pipelines). Located 100 km west from Quebec city and 100 km east from Trois Rivières, 260 km east from Montreal. All this significantly cuts the project expenses on developing the infrastructure on all stages of the project.  Recent discovery of a big gas field close to Portneuf field strengthens the methodology and the field model developed by NJ & Exploration, Inc. New exploration methodology allows conducting exploration activities with anticipated results (not blindly) on all stages, what reduces time and money for exploration and limits investors exposure. Multilayer geology of the reserves allows different scenarios of exit strategy. There are several successful drillings in close proximity during the last year, including big gas field discovery made by Forest Oil Company in April 2008.

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To a naturalist nothing is indifferent; the humble moss that creeps upon the stone is equally interesting as the lofty pine which so beautifully adorns the valley or the mountain: but to a naturalist who is reading in the face of the rocks the annals of a former world, the mossy covering which obstructs his view, and renders indistinguishable the different species of stone, is no less than a serious subject of regret.

- James Hutton

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